Trellidor Retractable Security Gates

These sliding gates have been best sellers for over 40 years ago. They have a robust double trellis design that opens and closes smoothly and easily. Trellidor customers can choose between steel or aluminium sliding gates. There is a choice of either the Trellidor patented deadlock or slamlock. These expanding gates can be custom-made to fit doors, windows, passages, patios, hatches and most other building openings, keeping them safe from intrusion.

an image of burglar bars

Sleek strength

With an easy but strong locking system, our retractable gate is built with a neat, compact sash for strength under attack and smooth operation.

Trellidor Plus-T900 and Trellidor Trojan II-T1000 have been strength-tested and certified to Level 2 and Level 1 respectively.


Coast friendly

The pre-treatment used in the manufacturing process of this gate enhances corrosion and UV resistance, making it suitable for both coastal and inland conditions.