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Perimeter Protection

Detect Intrusions from Every Angle

Kwaliti CCTV uses FLIR, who is the world leader in providing the most complete and advanced thermal security cameras for critical infrastructure. Therefore providing the best solution for your requirements.

Combined with United VMS, with the smart analytics, FLIR provides 24/7 perimeter protection performance in the most adverse conditions.

Thermal Security Camera Specialists

Thermal Security Cameras

Our thermal cameras see far along fence lines by detecting the heat of intruders at great distances.

The on-board analytics and PTZ tracking capabilities offer even greater accuracy and identification, so you’ll know the most appropriate response.

Which cameras do we use?

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    Elara™ FB-Series O

    The compact FLIR Elara™ FB-Series O thermal security camera delivers industry-leading thermal imaging for perimeter and wide area protection around the clock. The camera also offers "plug-and-play" compatibility with external video analytics and major VMS suppliers, including FLIR United VMS, for additional functionality and a flawless user experience.

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    ELARA™ FC-Series ID

    The Elara FC-Series ID is a premium FLIR thermal security camera for perimeter protection. The Elara FC-Series ID includes onboard video analytics capable of classifying human or vehicular intrusions, resulting in fewer false alarms.The Elara FC-Series ID also offers a wide range of high-performance lenses and multiple resolutions, giving greater flexibility in tailoring security systems to specific site conditions

  • saros-eyelid-ceiling

    Saros™ DH-390 Dome

    The FLIR Saros™ DH-390 Dome combines multiple traditional perimeter protection technologies into a unified solution that delivers accurate, actionable alerts and verified alarm data. The Saros DH-390 includes multiple FLIR Lepton thermal sensors, a 1080p camera, IR and visible LED illuminators, advanced onboard analytics, two-way audio, and digital I/Os. FLIR Saros enables businesses to implement reliable, state-of-the-art outdoor intrusion detection in a cost-effective manner by minimizing the equipment required and reducing false alarms.

  • elara-dx

    FLIR Elara DX-Series

    The FLIR Elara™ DX-Series multispectral pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) security camera provides full situational awareness in the most punishing environments. Combining thermal and visible light imagers, the Elara DX-Series gives operators the ability to monitor large areas in complete darkness, glaring light, and adverse weather. The exceptional detection and identification capabilities of multispectral cameras help integrators provide solutions for challenging imaging problems at critical infrastructure sites and remote facilities

  • saros-dm-series

    Saros DM-Series

    The FLIR Saros DM-Series introduces eight new VGA and QVGA resolution options to FLIR’s multi-sensor security lineup. Capable of capturing video in complete darkness, bright sunlight, and through smoke, dust, or light fog, the DM-Series provides superior perimeter protection in the toughest lighting and environmental conditions. A built-in 4K visible light camera operates alongside the thermal sensor to capture minute details in low light conditions. The DM-Series also integrates with the FLIR United Video Management System (UVMS), as well as other ONVIF-compliant video management systems. This gives users complete control over the all new dual-sensor viewing mode, alarm functions, and fully programmable preset tour.

Where do we use thermal CCTV Cameras?


Private Residential Estates and Homes

Thermal cameras used to be exclusively available to larger properties normally owned by a government or a military  organisation. 
The the effectiveness of thermal cameras used on properties created a demand within various construction industries. Using thermal cameras for Perimeter cctv protection, is the best possible solutions and definitely the most accurate. 

Farm Protection and Security

The most accurate CCTV system available to  South African farmers and Commercial orientated production facilities.
Combined with our control room will will provide accuracy and peace of mind for any client. 

Outdoor perimeter protection you can rely on

Saros™ DH-390 Dome benefits businesses and homes

Saros™ DH-390 Dome is designed to reduce false alarms, improving law enforcement or security guard response.

Saros DH-390 is more reliable for security professionals, making it ideal for construction sites, auto dealerships, schools, and critical infrastructure.

Saros DH-390 provides visual verification of alarm events at night and in adverse conditions.

The reliable, actionable alerts enable security professionals to provide remote guarding for large and small customers, reducing both losses and the cost of securing their operations.


Multiple technologies in one device reduce operation costs.


Thermal sensors see at night, enabling analytics to limit false alarms


The Saros Dome is engineered to reduce exposure to remote security attacks.

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