Change the way you see CCTV

FLIR Saros™ DH-390 Dome Camera

Giving you the ability to see thermal image and infra red image at the same time, and also providing you with the option to use on singular camera as the complete solution.

FLIR Saros™ DH-390 Dome Camera features multiple FLIR Lepton® thermal sensors, a 1080p or 4K camera, onboard analytics, IR and visible LED illuminators, two-way audio capabilities, and integration with leading central monitoring and VMS platforms.
Saros DH-390 Dome Camera delivers accurate alerts and verified alarm data. It is designed to improve wide area coverage, detection and remote guarding for commercial businesses and security alarm monitoring companies. When integrated with Genetec Security Center, Saros DH-390 enhances perimeter protection, remote site monitoring, alarm verification and real-time response. With Saros DH-390’s SC integration, customers can toggle through and select the best thermal pallets suited for the specific environment to yield even greater detail from the thermal imager. With enhanced visualization from Saros DH-390’s thermal and HD cameras, remote operators can better assess events. By arming and disarming Saros DH-390’s analytics through SC, operators can seamlessly manage remote access for staff entering and exiting a facility. Security monitors can also activate, either manually or through an event, Saros DH-390’s white lights to optimize visibility for authorized personnel or disorient intruders.

Commercial Businesses

Car dealerships, construction sites, storage facilities and other commercial businesses need a solution that delivers wide area coverage and reliable detection to deter theft. With its dual thermal sensors and optical imager, Saros DH-390 enables superior monitoring and event video. With the Security Center integration, operators can engage intruders in real time and dissuade them from vandalizing the property or stealing equipment.

Remote Site Monitoring

Facilities in remote locations require continuous surveillance and wide area coverage. Saros DH-390 provides a 90-degree field of view for optimal visibility. The solution also enables 24-hour monitoring and real-time alerts. When integrated with Security Center, Saros DH-390 improves remote guarding and simplifies access management.

Perimeter Protection

Utility substations, critical infrastructure facilities and enterprises who store valuable assets outside need a reliable perimeter security solution that detects approaching threats. With its integration with Security Center, Saros DH-390 provides accurate classification of humans and vehicles through its analytics. By producing both thermal and color video clips, remote operators have better visualization for alarm verification and real-time response