External Roller Blinds

When it comes to External Blinds – it’s what’s on the outside that counts.

With our beautiful South African weather and outdoor lifestyles, it’s important to find a stylish way of producing shade and protection from the weather – as well as nosey neighbours. Taylor now offers small and large format External Roller Blinds that are perfectly designed for the outdoors, with all the strength and robustness you need without compromising on your aesthetics.


Much like our range of indoor blinds and shutters, our roller blinds provide the perfect finishing touch to your home or workspace. Take the beauty and comfort of the indoors outside, choose just how much sunshine you want to let in, have more control over unwanted gusts of wind, all while entertaining your guests in privacy – and style.

Customization solutions, designed to suit your needs.

To make sure that you can adapt your space seamlessly, Kwaliti uses superior quality roller mechanisms designed for ease of use. External Roller Blinds are available in two formats: fully-secured Lockscreen Blinds, and partially-secured (free-hanging) Bracket Screen Blinds.

Our dedicated sales teams will be able to advise you on which solution best suits your specific requirements and space. Both types of external roller blinds are custom-made in an assortment of sizes, colours and fabrics ranging from lightweight screens to Block-Out fabrics, designed to keep all the light out. You also have a choice between manual and electronic solutions.

View our Motorisation Programming Guide.