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Why Aluminium?

Aluminium's unique combination of strength and lightness enables frames, sashes and fittings to be neat and uncluttered.

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Aluminium Doors and Windows

Find the best solution for you.

Every home design and business shop front solution brings its own unique set of requirements and challenges.

One of the most significant decisions you’ll have to make (and early on the process, too) is selecting your windows and doors.

Before choosing, there are a lot of factors to take into consideration, for example your local climate, and your home’s location and orientation. And remember, depending on their position, different windows and doors often demand different levels of performance.

So where to start?

Choosing your window and door frames

You’ll need to choose your window and door frames based on your home’s design, window and door size requirements and the performance criteria your architect or builder

The material of your window and door frames will impact your home’s overall comfort levels, acoustics and energy efficiency.

Choosing your product options

Complete your window and door specifications by considering what’s important to you.

A range of colour, glass, hardware and screens are available to improve the aesthetics, comfort, acoustics, security and privacy around your home

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    Awning windows are hinged at the top and open outward from the bottom

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    Bay windows provide a distinctive architectural feature to your homes interior and facade.

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    The double hung window is perfect for recreating traditional Australian architectural styles.

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    Sliding windows allow wider and taller openings compared to other window styles.

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    Create a greater sense of volume and space with fixed windows.

Because the frames, rails, and stiles can be finer than those made in wood, they allow maximum entry of light and provide unrestricted views. Aluminium does not require any painting and will not warp or rot and its dimensional stability ensures years of trouble free operation.

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Commercial Aluminium Windows

We provide an extensive range of commercial aluminium windows and have been designing, manufacturing and installing them across different commercial properties in South Africa and specifically in Pretoria

Our team of designers and fabricators, combines heavy-duty performance with modern design elements, to provide you with a window that will last for years and bring style to the property.

Custom windows are often an option considered by commercial property developers. Most prefer to work with a leading brand name that provides made to measure windows. If you need custom windows for a commercial project, check with us. Depending on your style or budget, we are ready to help you find the right made to measure windows.

Commercial Aluminium Doors

If you want a commercial aluminium door that has high performance, without compromising on style, then look no further.

We have come up with a full range of commercial aluminium doors that can suit a wide selection of commercial properties, including restaurants and cafes.

Custom doors are sometimes needed for unique commercial properties. Style and cost considerations also factor in. We build custom doors that meet a range of styles and budget options.

We also receive inquiries for made to measure doors. These can come from commercial property owners looking for door suppliers. We provide durable variety and can help you with custom doors.

Alluminium Domestic Windows

From awning windows to bay and rake windows, and everything else in between, we have all the window solutions that can frame your home perfectly.

Our domestic window range is available in a wide range of colours and finishes, and we can help you find something that will compliment your home and your taste. All of our windows are also made to measure, to suit all your unique spaces perfectly.

We stock an impressive range of styles, at the best value for money.

Kwaliti Aluminium Windows can help with new build homes, and supply windows and doors.

Aluminium Doors for your Home

Fulfill the design dream of your home with a high-quality, sleek and modern domestic aluminium door from Kwaliti Aluminiom windows. Our well-designed range covers every configuration imaginable and will give your home a greater sense of space, flexibility and style.

No matter what style door you want, whether it’s a multi-stacker or sliding- we will configure a solution that will compliment your lifestyle and needs.

If you need help with new build homes, we can help. Our team is experienced across a variety of project types. Whether it is for a renovation or brand new property, we provide quality and durability.

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