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Alu Zinc Insulated

Kwaliti’s Insulated steel garage door are made from steel with polyurethane foam core between the front and the back of the garage door.

This serves as a thermal break preventing
the cold exterior face from making the interior face of the garage door cold.

insulated garage door

Insulated Steel Sectional Door Styles


Collage of insulated steel sectional door styles

The full Aluminium construction is durable, strong and lightweight.

This is the preferred choice because of it being low maintenance. Designed to withstand extreme weather conditions found in coastal regions, as well as giving peace of mind as a result of the rust proof and corrosion-resistant properties.

  • Strong
  • Quiet & Smooth Operation
  • Durable
  • Pinch Resistant
  • Interlocking Panels
  • Lightweight

We manufacture Custom Sized Insulated Colour Steel Sectional Garage Doors

  1. Textured surface of the Insulated Steel Garage Door imitates the look and feel of natural wood grain.
  2. Specialized concave and convex seam for finger protection.
  3.  Polyurethane powder-coated zinc steel plate prevents decay.
  4.  Solid polyurethane center effectively insulates against heat.
  5.  Reinforced steel where fasteners are attached.
  6.  Elegant white colour blends harmoniously into any external setting.
  7. Weather strips seals at the bottom, sides and top of the Insulated Steel Garage Door to effectively guard against rain and sand.




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