With security becoming a highly important issue in modern society, it is only fitting that we use the available technology to our advantage.

Using the industry leading Flir, Provision and Hikvision products our home and farm security systems are custom designed to suit your exact requirements. We also offer rental options, which will help with budget and cashflow restraints.

Adjustable and custom, from a basic single story residential CCTV system right up to a commercial warehouse or multistory apartment complex we will design the CCTV environment and lay-out, completing the installation to ensure it will protect you and your precious assets.

Offsite monitoring has become necessary in South Africa, making sure someone is looking out for you when you sleep or on vacation. From as little as R249 per month we will combine your CCTV and alarm and connect it with our control room.

Our professional CCTV installation systems are linked to iOS and Android smartphone apps for remote viewing from your own cellphone, viewable anywhere in the world. Up to three months of footage is recorded for those going on extended holidays who want to keep an eye on their home or business.

Why Homes Need CCTV Cameras

There are many reasons why homes need CCTV Cameras. You need CCTV cameras for the safety of your home and family. With CCTV cameras, you will be ensured that both your family and home are protected.

Criminals and burglars can steal your valuable items when you will not be in your home. CCTV Cameras can help prevent all types of activities that can help increase the security of your home. Make sure you are choosing the right system.

Installed by a professionals and Specialists

CCTV – installed by a professional, loved by homeowners and feared by the bad guys! At least, that’s the way it should be. 

Yet many homeowners opt for a DIY CCTV system, which is good news for the criminals! They know that poorly installed security cameras are less likely to work properly, so they have less chance of being caught.

Professional CCTV installers know how to set-up your cameras so the footage ticks all the right boxes. A professional can ensure the best picture quality at all times – something that comes in handy if you need to identify or prosecute a criminal!

Quality Installations allows you to better gain information.

To accomplish these objectives our installation team focus on the following points.

  • Ensuring the installation allows the products to be used to its full potential
  • Adding value to your property
  • Increasing your trust in the surveillance system installed
  • The Installation should Allow for easy upgrading, also making it more cost effective
  • Quality installation will decrease call-outs after warranties expires
  • Less Maintenance needed will save money
  • Giving you peace of mind when installation is finished
  • Providing  trust in the surveillance system installed

More Reasons To Hire A Professional Installer


Picture quality

Beat the burglars once and for all!

We have experience that allow us to pass our expertise on to homeowners like you.

So what CCTV options do you have?

Conventional Analog CCTV Cameras

This is a type of CCTV camera which has existed for a long time, and these cameras’ resolution is in “TVL” – TV Lines, but the video signal is analog. Here is the demo video from conventional analog CCTV camera:

HD Analog CCTV Cameras

The video image resolution can be 720P, 1080P, etc. The image sharpness is much better than conventional analog CCTV cameras. But it is still considered an analog signal. Those commonly seen HD-TVI, AHD, HD-CVI refer to different standards of HD analog CCTV camera

IP CCTV Camera

This is fully digitalised CCTV camera. Because of it’s digital nature, compression and decompression is achieve at the camera level. Image quality, sharpness is much greater than conventional analog CCTV cameras, and better than HD analog CCTV cameras.

Creating Solutions And Providing Peace Of Mind

Working Closely With Our Clients In Developing Security Solutions To Their Needs, Has Channeled Our Business In A Direction Where We Will Assist From Consultation To Implementation.

Installation And Execution. Training And Service Agreements. CCTV Remains Our Core Focus, We Have Developed And Designed Solutions For Clients Based On The Requirements Of A Site.

Our Relationships With Local And International Brands Allows Us To Go Above And Beyond On Projects That Require Demonstration And Presentation.

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